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Are you selling your home? We can help!

A Move-In Certified® home has been pre-inspected by Deepli, which means that a disinterested third party (our InterNACHI® Certified Property Inspector®) can confirm that there are no major systems in need of immediate repair or replacement, and no known safety hazards. Show prospective buyers that you are dealing in good faith, and justify your full asking price by having your home pre-inspected now, before accepting an offer that may back you into a corner.

There are many advantages to having a Move-In Certified® Seller Inspection report:

  • You're given the opportunity to dispute any misstatements in the inspection report before it's distributed to real estate agents and prospective buyers.

  • The report may encourage the buyer to waive his own inspection contingency, simplifying the transaction. If the buyer still opts for another inspection, the deal is much less likely to fall apart the way they often do when a buyer's inspection reveals unexpected problems at the last minute. There shouldn’t be any unexpected problems big enough to kill the deal.

  • The report can help you substantiate a higher asking price if problems don't exist or have been corrected.

  • The report can help relieve a prospective buyer's unfounded concerns before they walk away, especially so for older homes.

  • The report provides full-disclosure protection from future legal claims.

  • A “Move-In Certified” home helps your property stand out in a way other than just dropping your price.

  • Many buyers will try to use issues found during inspections as a way to renegotiate the sales price. By removing that, you will be able to negotiate from a much stronger position.

  • Certification assures buyers that they can move right in, without the additional stress of dealing with unexpected repairs- moving your home to the top of their “to view” list.

  • Move-In Ready Certified® homes give your agent a great tool for marketing your home. As of June 2024, there are over 6,000 homes for sale in the Indy Metro area, plus builder homes. Marketing is all about making your product stand out from everybody else’s. Before reducing your price, consider justifying it instead.

  • There are certain buyers who are in a rush, for various reasons. Getting out ahead of the inspection and repair phase of the transaction makes things move more quickly and smoothly. Your agent can market your home this way, if a quick closing is compatible with your situation.

How it works:

Who this program is right for:

  • Home sellers who have the means to make repairs if necessary

  • Sellers who want to get top dollar for their home

  • Sellers who want to be honest and transparent, and deal fairly with buyers

  • Home sellers who want the transaction to go smoothly once they accept an offer, with no surprises

  • Sellers who would benefit from a fast close

  • Sellers who would rather spend a few hundred dollars to showcase quality, and make their home stand out in the market, rather than drop their price by tens of thousands of dollars until it stands out as a steal instead.

Who this program is wrong for:

  • Home sellers who do not have the means to make any repairs

  • Sellers who would rather re-negotiate price concessions after the buyer’s inspections, and let the buyers deal with making repairs (some buyers will be willing, some not)

  • Sellers who don’t want to know what an inspection will uncover for fear of having to disclose the findings (it’s all going to come out anyway, now or later!)

  • Sellers who already know they have issues, and want to gamble that the buyer’s inspector might not find them. Put another way, you’re willing to gamble on getting taken to court after the sale. We are not attorneys, but our attorney explained to us that a buyer wouldn’t need to prove that the seller did in fact know about an issue; only that they should have known- and only more likely they did, than not.

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